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We're a team of creatives. Excited about unique ideas, and creates design that matters.

Design is all around us, in our Day-to-Day and every detail. You can say it’s bad as hell or lovely as the best experience ever. It’s all design – hands-on. The best design is the one you don’t even notice. It just works!

The strongest ingredients in design are Quality, Bravery, Structure and Joy.


HooHooFamily, descended from the lovely [Rögglan]. Half fox and half owl. Mainly occurring where good communication meets technological evolution. Right there he struts in the breeze. Challenging and Hoots like a good Röggla.


/seb  Founder of HooHooFamily

Digital Strategy

Creative Direction & Design Direction

Product and Service Innovation – Helping organizations identify and solve real-world problems to innovate and grow. Through rapid innovation and change via collaborative, evidence-based design. Data, users and experience. Sometimes with Service Design as leader.

User-Driven Design

Product development with UX

User experience research and design (UX) – help you analyze and understand the relationship between your service and your end user. How we, with inclusive and accessible design, lift your product to a higher level. For example, conversion increases. Builds product demos and prototypes for testing, trade shows and product development.

If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.
Ralf Speth.

Product Design

UX/UI Design & Website Design

We mainly design for digital products and User flows. When we build stuff ourselves, from scratch, it’s exclusively WordPress. Our design are responsive for all devices: product landing pages, marketing and branding sites, or UX UI for company intranet portals. And we do it well.

Development – Our full-stack design and development team provides front- and backend work for all devices.

Design – We deliver business and design strategy documents for modern flows and products.

Business – We structure and streamline design processes and entire design teams.


UX/UI Design & Website Design

We help businesses grow by developing products and services that help the user. To seamlessly guide users through the products, we use content they can relate to. With ongoing surveys, data and interviews, we learn to understand the challenges and find creative solutions.

Selected references

Especially fun
missions and challenges

Our customers describe us as a product team that creates magical UI/UX experiences through our excellent user experience. Someone has actually asked if we can conjure with our knees, and we can 👌

(Img: Logo for Trustly) Trustly provides the ability to make online payments directly from your bank account in a secure way. In addition to allowing for quick and easy payments, no sign-up or software installation is required. See the countries Trustly operates in below.

Trustly Group

(Img: Logo for Finning Cat) Finning is the world's largest Caterpillar dealer delivering unrivalled service for 90 years. We sell, rent and provide parts and service for equipment and engines to customers in various industries, including mining, construction, petroleum, forestry and a wide range of power systems applications.

Finning Caterpillar

(Img: Logo for TV4 Play) TV4 Play is the TV4 group's advertising-funded streaming service that shows programmes, TV series and videos from the TV4 group's various channels.

TV4 Play

(Img: Logo for Unionen) Unionen is Sweden's largest trade union on the private labour market and the largest white-collar trade union in the world.

The trade union

(Img: Logo for ATG) ATG®, the Swedish Horse Racing Totalisator Board, was founded in 1974. The company was established by the state, with the aim of guaranteeing long-term financial stability for trotting and thoroughbred racing.

Swedish Trotting Association

(Img: Fortnox logo) Fortnox, one of Sweden's most used business systems for small businesses. Offers financial systems, accounting software, CRM, payroll systems, etc. Fortnox's business system is created for small businesses and is used in several different industries.


Additional examples of brands/customers: Fortnox, TV4, Trustly, Finning Caterpillar Canada, Visma, Lenson, Puustelli, ATG, Posti Helsingfors Finland, Digitalist, UNHCR, ABB, Unionen (Sweden’s largest trade union), Sanofi, Karolinska institutes, Irishrelo, HSR, Stockholm University, Linnaeus University Customers in the industries: Payment • Accounting • Data Analysis • Manufacturing – industry, Villas • Hospital and medicine • Publisher – CD / AD and original • Delicatessen (Food and Beverage) • Meeting Facilitation with R & D • Makeup and perfume • Sales (Ex bikes) • Event – Agencies • Games and entertainment • The travel industry • The tourism industry • Sports and leisure • Telecoms • Transport and relocation Environment • IT • BI and Info. & intelligence service In countries worldwide: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra, England, Ireland, USA, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Canada.

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