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… and we think that it is a wonderful request for an exciting project where all parties win in the long run.

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      Additional examples of brands/customers: Fortnox, TV4, Trustly, Finning Caterpillar Canada, Visma, Lenson, Puustelli, ATG, Posti Helsingfors Finland, Digitalist, UNHCR, ABB, Unionen (Sweden’s largest trade union), Sanofi, Karolinska institutes, Irishrelo, HSR, Stockholm University, Linnaeus University Customers in the industries: Payment • Accounting • Data Analysis • Manufacturing – industry, Villas • Hospital and medicine • Publisher – CD / AD and original • Delicatessen (Food and Beverage) • Meeting Facilitation with R & D • Makeup and perfume • Sales (Ex bikes) • Event – Agencies • Games and entertainment • The travel industry • The tourism industry • Sports and leisure • Telecoms • Transport and relocation Environment • IT • BI and Info. & intelligence service In countries worldwide: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Malta, Turkey, Switzerland, Austria, Andorra, England, Ireland, USA, Mexico, The Netherlands, and Canada.

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